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Happy Birthday U.A.E – الوطنية يوم سعيد

Happy Birthday U.A.E!

The UAE is celebrating its 40th National Day today. My prayers and best wishes go out to a country that is home to more than a 202 nationalities and has been home to me for the last four years. Contrary to the many pre-conceived notions that people from outside the U.A.E have about life here, this is a country that welcomes people from all cultures and communities -a country where people come to make their dreams come true- a country with open arms.

Being a tiny part of this truly global community, it would be easy to feel excluded, but the Emiratis are more than happy for expats to join in their celebrations. It’s a chance for expats, too, to demonstrate their pride in their host country. Just ask me, I’ve spent the last two days floating along the creek in a traditional abra just to be part of an elaborate boat display that lasted all of five minutes. But, celebrations aside, what always makes National Day special for me is the palpable feeling of hope, tremendous pride and optimism that infects every resident of this country.

On a personal note, the UAE has grown by leaps and bounds from its humble beginnings to the mighty nation that it is today. The Burj al Arab and the Burj Khalifa stand as silent yet majestic metallic witnesses to the growth of UAE. In the last four years itself I have seen unprecedented change taking place and those changes have been echoing in me as well. Living here has thrown open a world of opportunities for me, it has given me a million little experiences and memories that I hold dear and it is that place where I learnt who I really am and what I hope to become.

So here’s to celebrating 40 fantastic years and hoping that the road ahead is as bright as the sun that shines down on the sparkling desert sands!

الوطنية يوم سعيد



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