Please Don’t Waste My Time – Random Rant # 3

One of the things that really ticks me off, and I mean REALLY ticks me off, is when I have to sit around and wait for other people who clearly have no sense of time and don’t seem to care how much of my time they’re wasting.

Time is precious and fleeting, that’s a given. Each day we try to squeeze the most out of our 24 hours- milking every minute of it for all that it’s worth. We try to do as much as possible, leaving enough room to relax, to breathe and to just be! If you’re like me, chances are that in those precious seconds before your eyes open each morning, you’re already making a mental list of the number of things that need to be done and the little time left to do it.

Into that already jam packed schedule come people, all sorts of them with a million little things that have to be accommodated, sudden and unexpected demands, small requests and a host of earnest pleas you can’t or just don’t want to ignore. So you give in, you help out, you adjust your own plans and you do what needs to be done.

Now, I’m no ‘Helpful Henry’ but I do try to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever possible. How I wish that everybody lived like that. Just this evening I found myself in an all too familiar situation. I agreed to help some friends out with some urgent chores. I put my own plans on hold and showed up as planned and on time. I sat …waited…tweeted…bought a cup of coffee from Starbucks at Bur Juman, sat there and continued correcting a pile of test papers…waited some more…tweeted some more…and then…nothing! There was still no sign of them! The minutes flew by and turned into an hour…then another half hour went by and still nothing.

I completely get that there are certain times when delays are unavoidable but this was a little too much. You’ve got to respect people and their time. No matter what. If you’re going to be late for a meeting or an appointment, make sure you let the person who you’re meeting know, call ahead, it will take two seconds of your time but will make  a huge difference!

They say time is money but these days I feel that maybe, it’s  a lot more expensive than money or any other expensive commodity we have simply because it can’t be retrieved once it’s gone.

So respect people by respecting their time too !!