Birthday Wishlist (Part 2)

As promised, here is the second part to my birthday wishlist!

# 1 – Kindle Fire – Nothing would make me happier than to be able to read on the go! I spend at least 2 hours on a bus each day with my ipod or the Tabloid section of the Gulf News. The ‘Fire’ is way cooler than any other Kindle tab around and would be sooooo perfect to have!

#2 – Glow In The Dark Shoelaces – Eversince I saw someone with these in Taxim Square, Istanbul, I have been dying to have them! I’ve searched…believe me, but I just can’t seem to find a shop that sells these! I know I’m turning 27 and chances are I’ll probably never wear them anywhere…but still, isn’t it the snazziest thing to have?

#3 – ‘Noon’ By Aatish Taseer – I picked up a copy of this book while I was at the airport in Calcutta earlier this year, read it, loved it and then lost it! I’ve been meaning to get myself another copy, just for keeps…but haven’t got down to doing so! Anyone passing through Kinokunya or Borders…You know what to do! 🙂

#4 – DVD’s of All The 7 Seasons of Grey’s Anatomy or the 3 Seasons of White Collar – Receiving any of these would just make my day! Let me just say, I already have these downloaded and I watch some of them over and over on my laptop, but, just to have them and know that I can pop in a DVD and listen to Miranda Baley’s gruff voice or watch the smooth talking Caffery outwit people over and over…now that’s a gift worth getting!

#5 – Beef Jerky from Spinney’s- Don’t ask me why .. I want to eat Beef Jerky suddenly, I just do…and lots of it!

#6 – ‘Aleph’ By Paulo Coelho – I love Paulo Coelho’s books. Literally, love ‘em all, Aleph is one that I have not been able to lay my hands on! So If you’re passing through a bookstore and don’t find ‘Noon’, remember, you have options!

#7 – Ok, so this one is pretttttyyyy expensive and I will NEVER buy it for myself eventhough I really, really want to. But If you’re feeling generous- the Harvey Nichols store in MOE has a brown Dolce and Gabana men@work satchel that is just …’s…just….you know….

#8 – Ties – Of any colour…the louder the better!

#9 – I’m wondering if any of the following places have Gift Vouchers, if they do …:)

  • IKEA
  • ZARA
  • Magrudy’s / Kinokunya
  • H&M
  • The Tie Rack
  • Lifestyle
  • Splash

#10 – People, please remember this is a birthday WISH-list and we all know wishes don’t always come true. What I would love is a call, an sms, a wall post, a tweet, a BBM, anything – just so I know you cared enough to remember. That would mean the world to me!

Thanks to WordPress, I’ll be able to update the list if and when I think of anything keep an eye on this space!