Time Well Spent

So a couple of my friends invited me to Atlantis last night – to “sanctuary” one of the fancy clubs at the five star address. Now, I declared many moons ago that I was over the club scene in Dubai but gladly accepted the invitation to come out of my self imposed retirement for a once in a lifetime experience of the decadence that Dubai has to offer.

I won’t be entirely unfair though – the club was rather nice and in true Dubai fashion – a hefty sum of money had to first change hands just so we could put our rears on a seat. Luckily one of my friends is a local DJ and managed to pay for three instead of all five of us.

As the night progressed, I ate some scrumptious finger food and downed one too many mock tails. Each time I glanced at the menu, I felt a sudden ‘phew..!’ escape my lips. Everything on it cost a bomb and then some! I silently said a prayer, grateful, so grateful that this one time, we weren’t going Dutch! The music was loud and pulsating and gradually I began to tire of it. I realized why it was that I stopped frequenting places like this. About two hours later we were on a long drive out of the ‘good life’ back to our own lives and heaven knows it felt so good!

But, my dear, dear friends, the night had a silver lining ! Oh yes , just when I was feeling like : ” I’m too old to be doing this ” I got asked for I.D. !!! Can you believe that? That’s right- I might feel at times that I’m getting older and hopefully wiser – but hey, I’ll take a surprise like this anytime!

Anyway , I don’t think the club scene is for me anymore – I prefer places where there is a band playing music softly in the background that makes me feel good, a place where you can get up and make a complete fool of yourself by singing a song from the 80’s and the 90’s with a karaoke machine that’s running way ahead of you – a place you can sit back with your friends and family – irrespective of what you’re wearing and how much money you have – just having a good time talking, laughing and unwinding after a hectic week. Now that’s what I call time well spent.


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