Winter Wonderings

This morning, as I stepped out of my building into the cold breeze that was sweeping over Sharjah, I was instantly transported back to winter mornings spent at home in Calcutta. I have a host of images stuck in my head every time I think of a beautiful winter morning. The images and memories that make up this mental collage are perhaps some of my best and one is often better than the other.

An hour later, I stepped out of the bus near my work place and saw the most beautiful sight. The sky was resplendent with a rich golden and blue haze.

Where I come from, everyone enjoys the winter. Bengali families are famous for planning action packed itineraries well in advance, to make the most of the cool weather. In Bengal, we welcome winter, we wait for it and we enjoy it. For even though it means more layering up, countless cups of tea, extra heating and change in the sort of meals we eat, it adds to the essence of our life.

The more I looked at the sky this morning, the more I smiled. When I feel the beauty of a winter morning like today, I realize that to me these crisp winter mornings don’t only bring back a flood of memories from my childhood. They also remind me to enjoy every moment of my day, to create more beautiful experiences by enjoying something that is so small, so common and yet so satisfying.