I Hate Noise – Random Rant #2

Please Note: I have no grudge against the Philipino community eventhough it may seem so in this blog post. Pinky Swear!

Have you ever been to a concert or a discotheque where the amplifiers were really belting it out and you could feel those bass beats reverberating in your body? Did your ears feel sort of tingly afterwards? Maybe you felt a little sick or dizzy? Well it seems to me like everywhere I go these days, I am surrounded by the most annoying and intolerable sounds possible – which make me feel exactly like that – all the time!

This evening I stopped at the Starbucks near my house to grab a latte. I went in there with a head that was already pounding – hoping to get a couple of minutes of calm before heading home. After I had stirred four packets of healthy brown sugar into my cup, I settled down in my favourite overstuffed chair and grabbed a magazine that was lying beside. A couple of minutes into that momentary bliss, my ears were accosted by the voices of a Philipino family who were clearly out to make the most of their evening. While I am completely in favour of a good time with friends and family, what I don’t approve of is when people disrespect others space by shouting and laughing and screaming without any consideration for those around them.

Twenty minutes later, while I was waiting in the lobby of my building for the elevator I met the second Philipino offender of the evening and I’d like to refer to him simply as – the guy with the earphones. The minute he answered that ringing iphone, he turned into a noisy monster- shouting and screaming into a tiny piece of plastic. Clearly he was having a bad day- maybe work problems or an irate girlfriend, who knows? But please, have some consideration for others! Now had that conversation been in English – I wouldn’t have been so upset, at least I’d have known the details!

It seems as if people in general have lost the ability to talk in whispers or measured tones. We are so used to the noise pollution all around us that we think nothing of it. Infact, we accept it as a given part of life. But there are weirdo’s like me who hate unpleasant noises of any kind, so that’s why at times I find the public places completely intolerable.

In the end, it is as if we expect the various sources of noise pollution to cancel one another out. It’s a little scary if you ask me. Why are we so accustomed to noise and are we doomed to forever be a noisy race?