Someone Like Adele

To quote Star Magazine, ‘Adele is not Katy Perry. Adele is not Rihanna. Adele is not Britney. Adele is not Ke$ha. Adele is not even Beyonce for With Adele, there is literally NO need to try to package her or “fix” her up or market her as some kind of doll/pop product. She has a magnificent voice, and she’s a gifted songwriter who writes for herself and in the process appeals to our better tastes in music, lyrics and art.’

I’ve been listening to Adele’s music alot lately. Her life and her professional success amazes me. At just 23 years of age, Adele has two multi platinum albums to her credit, two Grammy awards and a host of other prestigious nominations. Not only has she been remarkably successful but I love how she has managed to achieve this success on her own terms. It’s the music that matters to her. Not how she looks or how she dresses or what sound bytes the press pick up on!

In a day and age where substance has taken a serious backseat to so-called ‘style’ and everything else that is now synonymous with showbiz, Adele has managed to make music that makes people nostalgic about a better musical period like the 60’s or the 70’s. When music was just music. At the same time Adele manages to promote strength, individuality and independence through her lyrics and her very presence as well. Adele refuses to conform. In both her personal and professional life she is and continues to be an inspiration for people who are – different.

I love Adele because her voice is original and powerful. She is able to make you think back to the greats like Aretha Franklin or Whitney Huston and yet sound like herself. I love Adele because when I see her in interviews she is honest and never gives clichéd answers that other singers do so naturally. I love Adele because her music stirs me- it affects me- and it makes me appreciate the beauty of words and the harmonies of music.

I won’t rattle on and on in this post. All I’ll say is this – with Adele, there’s something unique to hear and experience with each subsequent listen and that is what is going to make her work timeless.

Let me know what you think – enjoy!