Choose Wisely…Live Well

There has always been only one real certainty in my life, one thing that I wish I could avoid – the need to choose and it has always cropped up at the most inopportune of moments (Like now…when I was least expecting it to). In fact each of us are infinite choice-makers. That’s just how life is. But how does one sort through all the options and find the courage to act, without remorse or regret? Can we ever really make a choice that is free of fear or past mistakes?

Hesitation and a lack of conviction have always been my ‘dark passengers’, making the choices so much more difficult for me.

To make matters worse, my brain loves to procrastinate and luxuriously mull and ponder over options. An ‘easy choice’ is never really an option for me and no amount of  practice, experience or the famous  ‘rules of thumbs’ ever can help me to make those ‘split-second decisions’.

But, having thought over this for some time I have come to the conclusion that whatever process you use to arrive at your decision, your satisfaction will depend largely on whether you take ownership of your choices. If you are proud of your decision and can stick to your conviction, chances are you’ll have made the correct choice. On the other hand, if you feel pressured into a choice or are not in control of the conditions, you’ll find even positive outcomes negatively hued.

I guess it’s all about acting mindfully and with a sense purpose and responsibility. It also means using your intelligence and a large dose of faith as well! Whatever the consequences of your decisions, you will be in peace because you will have the assurance that you did what your gut told you to.

What strategies do you use? What are your personal techniques? Share your own decision-making strategies in the comments box below. I’m sure they’ll make for an insightful read.

I remember watching those irritating tele-brands ads while I was growing up.  The one thing I loved about them though was their one saving grace – the catchy tag line ‘If you choose wisely-you’ll live well.’ How Apt!