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Once Over The Hill, You’ll Pick Up Speed

This evening I had one of the most shocking experiences of my adult life. As I was stepping into the elevator in my building, a little Pakistani boy came charging behind me and yelled out, ‘Uncle, please hold the lift!’ As I stared at his face on the ride up to my eleventh floor apartment, I could not get over the fact that to him, I would seem like somebody to call ‘uncle’…and besides, my expanding waist line hasn’t been helping me look as young as I still feel. (Note to self: You’ve paid for a gym subscription – USE IT!)

Inspite of the fact that I am getting older, I still feel like I have just stepped out of college. In fact there are times when it feels like I’m a teenager carefully disguised as a responsible adult. But if I’m being honest with myself, at the back of mind there have always been some nagging reminders that I’m not as young as I still feel ! Read on…you’ll either laugh at these or agree with them – there’s no denying – if you’re my age these will seem familiar.

  • All my friends are getting married or having children! It’s so annoying! I mean what is their problem? Why the hurry? This always brings with it the realization that I dread. But the parties they throw…now those are so much fun! All I know is that they can’t bring their babies to my place! I don’t want dirty diapers and baby gunk all over my IKEA treasures!
  •  You look at high school/college photos of yourself and wonder how young and irritatingly innocent you look. Or how chubby or skinny you were. Or how outdated your fashion style was. For me I see a steady horizontal development and suddenly the warning bell goes off…ding dong! You’re getting older!
  •  Your cousin’s young daughter has a boyfriend and her son is growing a moustache already. What? So soon? When did they grow up? Are they allowed to do this stuff? Not grow a moustache….you know what I mean…have boyfriends and all!
  •  A stranger is calling you “Sir” or “Ma’am”. And then you have the sudden urge to kill him when you realize he’s probably older than you.
  • You already worry too much about getting old; you’re actually trying to deny it.
  • Relatives are pestering you, wondering when you will ever get married (And the killing instinct takes over again).
  • You sleep less during the night, are up longer during the day, and there’s nothing you can do about it but fix yourself a coffee and some extra pillows for the night so that you stay sane for the next few months as you work to meet all sorts of unimaginable deadlines.
  • You’re getting health conscious for the strangest reasons you could ever think of and yet to shed the extra weight feels like a Herculean task!
  • You’re starting to count the years before you turn 30 and are either daydreaming or freaking out on what would happen to you by then.

 Age in my opinion will always be just a number! Robert Browning famously said the ‘best we can be’ happens as we grow older. Writing this post made me think real hard and I’ve realized that inspite of the brief shock and awe moment this evening – the fact is that I actually like getting older! Weird, I know, but I’ve enjoyed the last few years of my life so so much and I have begun to find a lot of comfort in all of the good that comes with every new year added to my age.

Growing older is inevitable, there is nothing I can do to prevent it and I’m absolutely fine with it…but buying clothes that can be joined together and used as tents is something I can and must change…soon! Cheers to getting older..I’m sure it will be fun!


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