The Curious Case Of The Disappearing Bloggers

 Another of my favourite bloggers has just suddenly vanished. That’s the second missing blogger in a just one week! The previous one wrote one last blog before she disappeared, about a friend in a complicated situation. It seems the friend found out and was furious.

I’m still quite new to blogging as I have been doing it for only three months. I don’t know if it is typical for people get fed up after a couple of years and with a click of a mouse erase any evidence that their thoughts had been put out on a public forum. Or maybe these shutdowns are related to other fears… or maybe they simply got bored along the way.

I have read a few bits and pieces where bloggers have described the various phases they go through while blogging. You start off keen, then you settle down a bit, and then maybe you get bored and your posts become infrequent. Then when something exciting happens in your life (probably because your spending less time in front of a computer screen) you blog about it some more.

I think people should take life a little less seriously. While there are people who use their blogs for very important work, others like me should take to blogging for the joy of the experience. It does not matter what people think or how they respond. It’s about you choosing to express yourself in a way that makes you happy. Write for fun.

For me, this is one way of recharging my batteries. Instead of watching TV or lounging around with nothing to do, I can experiment with a short story or write about the kind of day I’ve had or write a review for a book I’ve read. Whether people read it or not hardly matters. They may even choose to differ with my points of view- but that’s OK!!

Turning my thoughts in a different direction can flick a mental switch and get the creative juices flowing again. Besides, it can be so much! Anyhow, time to update my blog page, Gtg…


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