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It’s Saturday morning and I’m still in bed. As much as I want to sleep in, all I can do right now is think back to a few hours ago and smile. My heart is bursting with absolute joy and my chest swells with pride

This Thursday, I experienced something absolutely magical. It was something my friends and I have wanted so long and worked towards ceaselessly. Along the way there were times of worry, concern, fear, anxiety and lots of sleepless nights. But, the joy of seeing a dream come true cannot be matched. As hundreds of people celebrated around me all I could do was stand absolutely still, completely overwhelmed, utterly happy and so, SO proud.

Happiness feels incredible. Worries are diffused by happiness, hard times are forgotten, and doubts fade even causing stress to disappear completely in some instances. We need more happiness in our lives, preferably on a daily basis.

I’m still so overwhelmed! I wonder if it’s still called happiness when even after two days every muscle in your face is tugging to make you smile so hard that you fear your skin may rip in places. Three days down and I’m still feeling on top of the world…

Happiness lies not in the joy of the achievement but the thrill of the collective effort to get there. Franklin Roosevelt

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