Joie de Vivre!

My favourite channel on TV, other than CNN of course, is TLC. The reason I love TLC is because it caters to the part of my personality that is fascinated by travel and adventure and at the same time gives me a voyeuristic pleasure of looking into people’s homes. I’ve come to the understanding that what I really tune in for is the opportunity to take a sneak peek inside other people’s houses and into their lives – but not in a sinister or weird sort of way. I love shows like ‘While You Were Out’, ‘Trading Spaces’ and ‘The Nate Berkus Show’. You see, a home says a lot about the person or the people who live there. Their choice of furniture and the colours of paint they chose say as much about them as the personal items they choose to display and the ways in which they display them. Whether you choose a minimalistic approach or you’re a secret hoarder who loves clutter, either way your home or living space speaks volumes about the kind of person you are.

Whenever anyone walks into my apartment for the first time, they seem to go into shock for around about sixty seconds. I think the issue with them is, they come in expecting to see a typical bachelor pad – messy, bare, clothes strewn around and empty pizza boxes piled up high (the Hollywood stereotype) and what they get is quite the opposite.

I take a lot of pleasure in ensuring that my apartment is a reflection of my personality. My room speaks to my person, my interests, values and passions, and I hope that translates to people when they visit. My love for aesthetic spaces is not newfound. It has been alive and kicking from as far back as I can remember and gradually my taste has evolved quite a bit. I think the reason that I love it so much is the same reason that I loved it as a kid, even though I couldn’t have put it into words back then. When you decorate, you’re not just creating a beautiful room, you’re creating an atmosphere- and you can make it feel any way you want it to. That’s why I love decorating. The way you decorate your home says a lot about who you really are.

Sometimes life feels a little routine, and you need to make a couple of changes to feel better. When you start to get bored with your surroundings, you can always redecorate your space. Re-arranging furniture, painting the walls a bright colour, or hanging some art can transform your home within hours. You don’t have to have an incredibly creative mind to make a statement with your living space. I am by no means an artist, and I still think my room in my apartment says a lot about me. It is bright, clean and an organized mess, with artwork, trinkets and photos that I have collected over the years and from all over the world proudly on display.

So take a look at your home, your dorm room, apartment, house or whatever space you live in, and figure out what you want it to say about you. If you feel like it’s missing something, then personalize it! Are you organized? Eclectic? Traditional? Let your space reflect who you are.

Your home doesn’t only have to be the place where you eat and sleep. It should be a place where you express yourself.

But be warned, you might just get hooked.


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