Under Pressure

Pressure is defined as urgency in one’s personal or professional dealings. Working under pressure is a concrete reality of our lives. Some people have to deal with high pressure situations every minute of their lives while others have to deal with it as and when project deadlines approach. At the cost of sounding quite ridiculous, I have found that I tend to work well under pressure. And though it is a little hard to admit, working in this fashion does seem to bring out the best in me. Have any of you ever felt that way? In fact, I know quite a few people who are able to perform sufficiently well in the event of work pressure.

I think my ability to function in stressful situations can be attributed to what I consider, three major personal strengths.

No matter how stressful the situation gets, I know for a fact that I will NOT lose my emotional balance. I find that I am mentally resilient and can remain motivated under high pressure and can keep at the tasks I have been assigned, without giving up. This quality prevents me from burning out and helps keep my mental flexibility in check. I find that my ability to adapt to situations and to different kinds of people makes me the calmest person around in a frantic situation and even in the face of a professional storm!

Next, I was taught long ago, by someone I consider my professional guru, that it is absolutely impossible to do everything under the sun – singlehandedly— instead I have learnt to delegate work. I do this not to find an easy way out of my own responsibilities but because I have realized that it is a worthwhile exercise and can help meet professional deadlines far more effectively. Besides, I have come to recognize that when you put your faith in people, they generally DON’T let you down. It even makes for a stronger and more cohesive team. Working to meet the “bit” deadline is far easier than struggling with the ‘whole’. Wouldn’t you agree?

Lastly, my ability to remain calm and collected is helpful in so many ways. While people around me are fuming and ranting and having nervous breakdowns, it helps me stay focused, think rationally and take correct decisions. It so much easier to take control of situations and respond to it appropriately when your own mind is at peace.

Over the last three years I have come to realize that the more you have to work under pressure, the better you get at it. This builds confidence and you will soon find that you can deal with anything that arises if your mind and heart are aligned and you are thinking clearly and calmly. Working under pressure can be such a rush! Nothing can compare to the satisfaction you can derive from a job well done or from targets met and goals achieved. So the next time you feel you’re beginning to crumble, do what I do.

Stop. Take a deep breath … and then whisper softly ‘I’m ready…bring it on!’


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