We’re All In This Together

 The blast at the Agra hospital yesterday was a rude reminder that life is so unpredictable and so uncertain. As a nation, we are all still reeling from five unsolved terrorist attacks in our recent past and it will be a while before Indians are able to feel completely safe and secure again.

Just a few days ago, the global community came together to celebrate the lives of those who died in the 9/11 attacks in New York. As I watched the tenth anniversary commemoration of the attack on CNN, I could not help but notice that there was also a palpable and unquestionable feeling of togetherness -both among the survivors who have shown amazing strength and spirit in the face of overwhelming loss and heartache, and among the rest of us all across the globe who have had to re-align our lives in this post 9/11 world – ever since we became so conscious of how our lives and the lives of those we love, could be so brutally taken from us, in seconds.

Pictures and videos showed the survivors huddled around the beautiful new monument hugging, comforting, and holding hands. Even Republicans stood next to Democrats and race, religion and all else faded into oblivion. There were no political agendas and no ulterior motives. It was the plain and simple coming together of countrymen in a show of complete solidarity and togetherness.

I think that the one good thing that came out of this dreadful event was an increased interest in nurturing friendships and relationships. People began to treasure their associations and remind their loved ones of how much they each meant. Globally, there was an unprecedented focus on the human bonds that keep us afloat and uphold us in crises. 

 As political leaders from far corners of the world showed their support, spoke words of encouragement and declared stronger than ever that the war against terror would continue, I could not help but find joy in the fact that the human spirit is so resilient, so strong and so powerful. What matters in the end is that, when it is necessary, when it matters most, the global community has always and will continue to come together to prove that our community spirit and resilience in the face of terror is and will continue to be strong and unbeatable – and that is something no cowardly terrorist can ever take from any of us.


One thought on “We’re All In This Together

  1. “As I watched the tenth anniversary commemoration of the attack on CNN, I could not help but notice that there was also a palpable and unquestionable feeling of togetherness”.
    CNN does that to you sometimes. While travelling on the NY City subway system 1 month ago, I couldn’t help but notice many ads from lawyers, NGOs and insurance companies asking 9/11 survivors and volunteers to fight for their health claims. Even 10 years after the attacks, many of the volunteers have struggled to get free healthcare for the chronic medical problems that they developed while cleaning up the rubble and finding bodies at ground zero (e.g. chronic breathing problems).

    Republicans and Democrats love to stand next to each other to honor the troops, for the 9/11 anniversary and many such photo ops. Talk to them about universal healthcare and ……………..

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