Free Falling

Three days back in Dubai and it already feels like the holiday didn’t even happen. While it does feel nice to be back and doing the things I love, the pressure of performing so many varied tasks can be a little intimidating. I attempted to make one of my famous lists, and then I realized that there have been many times when I’ve completely ignored those lists. You see, for me, planning ahead doesn’t work all the time. I find that planning along the way is sometimes far more effective.

At times, it’s difficult to make yourself jump headfirst into a new situation without working out some of the finer details ahead of time. Where will I stay? Who will I speak to about this? How will I ever finish and meet that deadline? Sometimes you are at a disadvantage by not having a plan. Some tasks are time-sensitive and you really do yourself justice by figuring out all the details well in advance.

Many decisions, however, are best made when you have the most information possible, and you won’t have ALL the information you could have until the very last second.

I’ve learnt from past experience and several failed attempts that the only way you’ll get better at improvising is by forcing yourself to take a risk. Be smart about it. Start with smaller jumps at first but do it consistently until you’re unafraid to take on any task that comes your way.

This way, if something happens to you that forces you to react impulsively and you don’t have time to prepare, plan and strategize, you’ll be ready.

I think if we each find a balance between careful thought and spontaneous action we will also be able to determine which one suits which situation. Besides, being impulsive at times can be so much fun.

So from time to time take a deep breath and let yourself leap. Don’t worry about having a parachute to break your fall, just let go and watch yourself fly.


5 comments on “Free Falling

  1. good work syd…

  2. You should always make a plan before doing stuff so you do not feel the pressure. Read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho!!!!!!
    You know me!!
    Keep up the bllog

  3. Very good sydney…..keep it up.

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