All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

I have a little less than three days before I have to get back to my regular work routine in Dubai. It seems so impossible that my vacation is over already. I’ve been here two months? Really? These two months have felt like no time at all and yet all the time in the world, simultaneously. You know what I mean? I’ve become so settled at home.

I’m bracing myself for what a friend has called the “intense longing to be back home” once I get back to life in Dubai. I’m trying not to let these two days go by too quickly. I’m making lists of all the places I want to go before leaving, all the people I want to meet and talk to and all the food I want to sample. All the while, though, I’m reflecting on what an incredible break I’ve had.

I intended to write a longish post – complete with reminiscing and photographs of candid moments with friends and family. But, I underestimated the time and strength packing and running of last minute errands takes.

Homesickness is normal, and I know the next few weeks back in Dubai will be difficult. It is tough to be away form those you love no matter what your degree of dependence or independence. But, I think the last three years have made me fairly resilient. I know ill be back soon and that makes leaving a little easier on me. I choose not to reflect on everything I’ll miss in the next few months. Instead I reflect on the joy I’ve experienced from being back home in the last two.

After all this time, I’ve understood something very important – It makes it so much easier to leave – when you take ample time to really and truly appreciate the value of what you’re leaving behind. 🙂

Don’t cry because the holiday is over, smile because it happened.”
— Dr. Seuss

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