Who Needs To Sleep?

The answer to that question is, of course, EVERYONE.

The problem, however, is that I have apparently decided to give up sleeping. Which is not a very good decision because I really do love to sleep. Sleep is awesome.

What is not awesome is lying wide awake in bed NOT sleeping. I hear the sound of dogs barking in the distance. The sound of windows rattling, bits of conversation as stray voices are floated on a sudden upswing of breeze. I hear all these things because I’m wide awake. I hear my phone buzzing incessantly. Having a Blackberry doesn’t really make for good sleep patterns. I begin to tweet about the Anna Hazare phenomenon that has gripped India. I tweet about Will Smith’s imminent divorce. I tweet about the bedlam unfolding in Tripoli and occasionally I re-tweet some random pearls of wisdom that Oprah’s elves or Deepak Chopra have released into the cyber world.

I lie in bed and think. I think about stuff I should write about. I think about books I’m reading or a show I watched that night, or shows I’m planning to watch the following day. I think about my plans (and heaven knows I have way too many of those) I think about things that irritate me. There are, often times, quite a few things that irritate me.

Like not being able to fall asleep. That irritates me.

And then comes that horrid point in time where, even if I could sleep, I wouldn’t bother because everybody else is going to be up in an hour and a half anyway because they don’t have the luxury of sleeping in since only I’m on vacation. Nobody else is. On the mornings when I don’t get out of bed to play around with my blog or read, or catch up on Season 4 of Dexter ( which by the way is an awesome show) I lie in bed and listen to everyone else going about their daily routines.

So here’s what I’m doing now to kill time: I read the Telegraph from cover to cover each morning. I do the crosswords and flip through my dictionary every time I get stuck and even though my mom thinks that’s cheating. I read everything I can lay my hands on. I just finished reading Jean Sasson’s ‘Mayada’ set in war torn Iraq. Now I have no reading material. My cousin promises to bring some books over or take me to the British Council Library, but that’s yet to happen. So I settle for a torn Mills and Boons that I see lying in my mom’s bedroom. I cringe at every development in the plot.

These stories are so NOT for me!

Days pass in this manner and then I’m sleep deprived enough to even Google some suggestions for getting a good night’s sleep:

**Avoid taking cat-naps during the day. (You have got to be kidding me. I love those!)

**Try to exercise at regular times each day. (If you know me … you know this aint gonna happen.)

**Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages late in the day–caffeine is a stimulant that can keep you awake.

Turns out the suggestions didn’t help me at all. I guess I’m just going to have to try and re-set my body clock to doing things in a routine fashion. I’m scheduled to fly to Dubai soon and these habits are just not going to work for me once I’m back to my regular work cycle.

This morning I actually opened the e-horoscope I receive everyday. I’ve been ignoring it for months now but suddenly I’m curious to know what it says. I open it and it reads…

‘Capricorn: Brimming with life and energy you will take on new tasks and see them to their completion. A restful period is on the horizon. Maybe even a vacation.’

Talk about irony!

Think I’ll go take one of those cat- naps now.


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