Let Your Heart Lead

Have you ever experienced the elation that comes with unexpected inspiration – especially when that inspiration involves something that is very dear to you? When an idea you’ve had for long is suddenly validated, accepted, appreciated and used? I have had that happen to me on so many occasions and then I find myself asking… ‘Why didn’t I act on that idea before?’ OR ‘Why did it take me so long to just believe my gut instinct?’

A big reason why most people never give their dreams even half a chance is that their dream quickly makes its way from their heart to their head. I’m quite the sucker for this really, and so many of us fall prey to this syndrome on an everyday basis. Sadly, I find that, with me, as soon as my brain kicks in my heart is silenced. Ever felt that way?

Literature is littered with this motif, from the classic ‘Hard Times’ to the contemporary ‘The Lord of The Rings’, each wordsmith carefully chronicling the age old struggle between head and heart.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had plenty of time to ruminate over how this applies to my life. I’ve wondered if in the past I’ve made the right decisions to, at many junctures; let my head guide my actions instead of my heart. Is it right to let either one dominate? Can the two co-exist? Do the choices I make define the kind of person I am? I have come to realize that sometimes, it is necessary to let the heart do the leading, the brain’s logical and practical approaches don’t always mean they are the right approaches, do they? I think we each need to give ourselves some credit, believe that our hearts are filled with passion and allow it to determine our actions sometimes.

You may or may not agree with me, and you’re entitled to that… just give it some thought and determine what works for you.

Eliot Yamin, the American Idol superstar just released a single called ‘Let Your Heart Lead you’ and he puts it so simply and so beautifully:

Don’t keep trying to over analyze
Your denying how your feeling inside
Just this time
Before you make up your mind
Let your heart lead…


11 comments on “Let Your Heart Lead

  1. Liked it .. Especially the way you relate to things, movies or song. 🙂
    The big question still remains how & when do you decide when your brain should take over from your heart. 🙂

  2. This is the eternal conflict, isn’t it! However, everyone at some level knows that the trick is to find a balance between the two. One has to be practical and one wants to be happy. You can never achieve both completely.

    • You’re right….I agree and so does everybody else who gave me feedback on this…. while we musn’t ignore the subtle tugging of the heart , creating a balance that works and knowing when to trust the heart/head is the crucial thing!

  3. Awesome….!!
    It’s always such a tug of war…The mind and heart make a race to the finish line. And sometimes listening to your heart could just override practicality and lead to the most irrational decisions…Sometimes! 😉
    But then there’s always “the still small voice” …It’s never failed me no matter what! 🙂

  4. This is excellent Sydney, just continue to excel in what ever you do, because i know that God is with you, leading, guiding and directing you.
    So proud of you and love you lots..

    your mama

  5. You have an elegant, fluid style Sydney. It makes you want to read more. Of course the fact that you are making complete sense and coercing the reader to ponder and mull over what you are saying, definitely helps.
    I reckon everyone has some ‘head’ moments and some ‘heart’ moments and the success quotient lies in recognizing when to allow which one to lead…

  6. Awesome (Y) 🙂
    Loved every bit of it 😀

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